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When the Climate Was Perfect

THB 2023 Home Office Pool: The Answers

Your Questions, My Answers - December 2023

U.S. Climate Extremes: 2023 Year in Review

The Climate Fix Book Club, Chapter 8

A Look Back at 1923

The Rich vs. the Rest

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Nuclear Power Plant?

Secret Sauce

Your Questions, December 2023

Low Hanging Fruit

U.S. Hurricane Overview 2023

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The Climate Fix Book Club, Chapter 7

Original Sin

Jaws of the Snake

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Unbelievable: U.S. Flood Damage

When Science Influencers Polarize Our Politics

Can We Reach Net-Zero and Achieve Modern Energy Services for All?

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Should Universities Take Political Positions?

Net-Zero Does Not Mean What You Think it Does

Going All In With Peak Fossil Fuels by 2030

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Russell's Teapot and the Climate Unicorn

How to Stop Sea Level Rise

"Neither Desirable, nor Possible"

How Climate Change Became Apocalyptic

How Could the IPCC Make an Error this Large?

Thou Shalt Use RCP8.5

Are We Seeing Abrupt Climate Change?

The Public is OK, It's Us Scientists Who are the Problem

VAR has Gone too Far

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The New Climate Reality

Trends in U.S. Tornado Damage and Incidence

The Two Dips

Normalized Disaster Losses in Australia

The Climate Fix Book Club, Chapter 6

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Trends in Flooding in Africa

Don't hate the player, hate the game

How to Regulate Gain-of-Function Research

The Coming Revolution in Climate Research

The Narrative Rules

Climate Science in the House of Lords

When the White House Attacks

Technological Chicken and Regulatory Egg

Global and U.S. Disaster Databases

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The Alimonti Addendum

The New Apocalypticism

From the Archives

Can Climate Policy Change the Weather?

Hurricane Hilary Points and Pointers

Signal and Noise

The politics of exclusion

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Does Climate Research have an Anti-Growth Problem?

21st Century Global Disasters

What Football Conference Realignment Tells Us About U.S. Universities

THB Premier League Prediction Contest

Book Review: Climate Change Isn’t Everything

Global Weather and Climate Disasters 1H 2023

Truth Bombs

El Niño and U.S. Hurricane Damage

Big News: Climate Scenarios are Getting Back on Track

Understanding the Origins of Climate Models

Unsolicited Advice for the New IPCC Chair

Why Proximal Origins Must be Retracted

Weekend Catch-Up

What the IPCC Actually Says About Extreme Weather

"Think of the Implications of Publishing"

AMA: Let's Discuss

"The Truth is Never Going to Come Out"

The Politics of Climate Science

What if We Just Stop Oil?

Interview with Kelvin Droegemeier


The Energy Transition Has Not Yet Started

The COVID-19 Natural Origins Theory Lacks a Storyline

Climate Journalism is Broken

The Climate Fix Book Club, Chapter 5

"Holy Crap, That's a Tornado"

Slim to Win

"You are being misinformed"

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Do it! On Debating Prominent Skeptics

Weekend Reading

Mr. Pielke Goes to Washington

Honest Brokering is a Group Effort

Answers to COVID-19 Lab Leak Questions?

What the media won't tell you about ... Wildfires

Don't Play Footsie with Racism

2023 Edition: What the media won't tell you about . . . hurricanes

Let's Fly!

Your Questions, My Answers

Where's the Heat?

Planetary Boundaries and the Rise of Non-State Global Governance

Climate Change and Disaster Losses

The Political Agenda of the IPCC


THB Series

How I Became Voldemort in Climate Science

The Honest Broker Podcast, Episode #2

A Tip from an IPCC Insider

Colorado Football's Reality TV Experiment

Book Club: Chapter 4 of The Climate Fix

Introducing The Honest Broker Podcast

Is it Time to Retire Academic Tenure?

Do El Niño Years Have More Disasters?

Pielke on the Power Hungry Podcast

Top Five Climate Change Narratives in the Media

Have We Already Solved Climate Change?

Public Health and Climate Change

The Good News About Climate Change

What is a 1000-year flood?

Is Global Warming Less than We Thought?

Your Questions, My Answers

Climate Change Causes Home Runs

Newsmaker Saturday: Pielke on Climate

Partisan Science is Bad for Science and Society

Trends in the Proportion of Major Hurricanes

Misinformation in the IPCC

Book Club: Chapter 3 of The Climate Fix

Has the IPCC Outlived its Usefulness?

Book Review: Escape From Model Land

A Primer on Implausible Climate Scenarios

How to be a smart consumer of climate attribution claims

The COVID-19 Origins Debate Opens Up

Your Questions, My Answers

Off Target: An Evaluation of the Stern Review's Climate Disaster Predictions

Improve how science advice is provided to governments by learning from “experts in expert advice”

"When scientific integrity is undermined in pursuit of financial and political gain"

Can democratic deliberation help the practice of democracy?

How land use changes the climate

Book Club: Chapter 2 of The Climate Fix

How would we know if disasters are becoming more costly due to climate change?

The Biden Administration Abandons RCP8.5

What the media won't tell you about . . . Tornadoes

Super Bowl Excitement Can't Hide Football's Continuing Decline

Your Questions, My Answers

Global Earthquakes and Impacts

Has Global Fossil Fuel Consumption Already Peaked?

Book Review: Fossil Future

Five Myths about Gender Inclusive Sport

Pielke's Weekly Memo #23

The 1.5 Degree Temperature Target is a Dead Man Walking

Pielke's Weekly Memo #22

Will 2023 see a rise in eco-terrorism?

Just the Facts on Global Hurricanes

Failing Grade: A US Climate Report Card

"Billion Dollar Disasters" are a National Embarrassment

Pielke's Weekly Memo #21

Five Things Everyone in Reinsurance Should Know