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Merry Christmas at The Honest Broker

Don't Believe the Hype

The Emerging Consensus on Transgender Athletes in Elite Sport

Defund the Economy

U.S. Extreme Weather in 2022

Pielke's Weekly Memo #20

How Carbon Dioxide Emissions Change the Climate

Pielke's Weekly Memo #19

Good News in Climate Scenarios

The 2022 Seasonal Hurricane Forecast Bust

The Honest Broker at Two Years

Catastrophes of the 21st Century

How Can FIFA be Held Accountable?

Pielke's Weekly Memo #18

How the Myth of the Population Bomb Was Born

Pielke's Weekly Memo #17

Climate Misinformation from the Biden Administration

Opening Up the Climate Policy Envelope

The Most Important Climate Paper I've Read this Year

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Why Democrats will Lose the House

U.S. National Security Strategy and Climate Change

A COVID-19 Lab Leak: More Likely than Not

Pielke's Weekly Memo #16

SERIES: The Future of Football

The Green Quadrant

Pielke's Weekly Memo #15

What I Got Wrong

Climate Misinformation

Pielke's Weekly Memo #14

Are we focusing too little on a climate apocalypse?

THREAD: Extended peer review of the "No Climate Emergency" paper. Should it be retracted?

Pielke's Weekly Memo #13

What Jonathan Haidt Gets Wrong About Universities

A Reader's Guide to The Honest Broker

SERIES: Making Sense of Trends in Disaster Losses

The Most Important Questions for Scientists to Ask About Advocacy

SERIES: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics

Pielke's Weekly Memo #12

Coal to Nuclear is Smart Climate Policy

THREAD: Why did countries viewed in 2019 to be better prepared for a pandemic see greater death rates?

Energy Security Comes First

Trust Me, I'm A Scientist

Questionable Climate Scenarios for Central Bankers

SERIES: Making sense of science in policy and politics

Pielke's Weekly Memo #11

What should the "average CEO" do on ESG related to carbon emissions?

Pielke's Weekly Memo #10

SERIES: What the media won't tell you about . . . Floods

Presidential Policy Priorities from Truman to Trump

A Rara Avis for Science

Pielke's Weekly Memo #9

SERIES: What the media won't tell you about . . . Drought in Western and Central Europe

Free Copy of My Book, Disasters & Climate Change

Pielke's Weekly Memo #8

Fish and Foul

How plausible are the emissions reduction promises of the Inflation Reduction Act?

Pielke's Weekly Memo #7

SERIES: The Future of Football

A Challenge to Climate Hawks

Weekend Reading #6

How to Read The Honest Broker

New Power Hungry Podcast with Robert Bryce

A National Climate Emergency is the Latest Distraction from Achieving Effective Climate Policy

Weekend Reading #5

Weather and Climate Disaster Losses So Far in 2022, Still Not Getting Worse

SERIES: Making Sense of Trends in Disaster Losses

Weekend Reading #4

The Two Degree Temperature Target is Arbitrary and Untethered

A "Cap Tie" Rule for Elite Trans Athletes

Two Things All ESG Investors Should Know About Climate Scenarios

Global decarbonization: How are we doing?

SERIES: Making sense of trends in disaster losses

“Unsettled” Climate Science: So What?

"The Inconvenient Truth about Climate Science"

Weekend Reading #3

The Problem with Outright Eligibility Bans of Trans Women in Women's Elite Sport

Did Donald Trump and his enablers contribute to the unnecessary deaths of 5,600 Americans?

Pielke's Weekly Memo #2: What is climate change?

Five Challenges Facing Science Communication

More Good News From the Most Recent Climate Scenarios

Chromosome Sex Testing is Back!

Weekend Reading #1

SERIES: What the media won't tell you about . . . U.S. heat waves

The Iron Law of Climate Policy

Free Book! Disasters and Climate Change

What Selective Outrage over LIV Golf Says About Sportswashing

Is Opposition to Trans Athletes Really About the Old Testament?

A New Approach to The Honest Broker

SERIES: What the media won't tell you about . . . hurricanes

Gun Violence as a Policy Problem

Why investors need not worry about climate risk?

The Absolutely Ridiculous Number of Guns in the United States

How much money would college football players get paid if California's proposed new law was national?

Science Advice Under Pressure

Welcome to post-apocalyptic climate policy

What is a woman?

The EU's Increasing Reliance on Oil and Gas Imports

New Analysis: Sweden's Science Advisory Failures on COVID-19

Debate over the possibility of a COVID-19 lab leak is over

How much nuclear energy would be needed to replace European natural gas?

A Rapidly Closing Window to Secure a Liveable Future

Tracking Positive Progress on the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

Science has a Confidence Deficit

President Biden and his Science Advisors

How an Academic Urban Legend is Born

The Abuse of Kamila Valieva

President Biden, Fire Eric Lander

U.S. Disaster Costs 1990 to 2019

Is the World Ready for Good News on Climate?

Germany's Nuclear Phase Out Delayed its Coal Exit by 8 Years

Why I Support a Non-Use Agreement on Solar Geoengineering Technologies

Global Hurricane Landfalls 1970 to 2022

Catastrophes of the 21st Century

The Natural Gas Illusion

Global Weather and Climate Disasters 2000 to 2021

Policy Causality