On what basis do you claim that human caused climate change is real and significant? I haven’t seen any evidence that human caused change can be distinguished from any other cause. In fact, the most recent articles indicate that the attribution methodology typically used is not valid, which would indicate there is no way to distinguish human caused from other causes.

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Sep 5, 2022Liked by Roger Pielke Jr.

It is clear from the evening news that the news media is amplifying this issue when they try to scare everyone with the weather updates over the past 24 hours. This adds to a further misunderstanding of the issue and mistrust of institutions, neither of which advances the ball. More harm then good.

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I suppose a point is all these things in this series being a given why does the IPCC allow this continual misreporting of its position.

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I live near Kansas City. The official records for high and low temperatures by day are:

June: 0 record highs in the 2000s*, 5 record lows *2000 through 2022

July: 3 record highs, 11 record lows

August: 6 record highs, 9 record lows

September: 2 record highs, 4 record lows

Totals: 11 record highs, 29 record lows.

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